About Orbic

Orbic™ is a brand of products designed to help consumers connect to the things that are important to them. Orbic products offer consumers quality and value combined with up-to-date technology. Our products come equipped with the latest Android technology along with specifications competitive with some of the industry's leading brands, all for a fraction of the price. We strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable online experience through smooth site navigation and exceptional customer service. We hope you enjoy your experience with Orbic and visit us again soon!

Orbic Unlocked

Orbic unlocked phones give you full control over your wireless service. Purchase your Orbic smartphone and decide which service provider is best for you. You don't have to sign a lengthy contract with any service provider. In fact, you can switch providers as often as you like!

Orbic smartphones are compatible with most GSM carriers around the world. Therefore, you'll be in touch no matter where you are.

Benefits of an unlocked smartphone:

  • No service contracts
  • Flexibility and control over your wireless service
  • Perfect option for international travelers with compatible service providers around the world
  • Long term cost savings